Six Mac Productivity Tools To Try

SpiderOak — Dropbox for a post-Snowden world. Seamlessly sync your  *encrypted* files between your computers.  SpiderOak’s servers never know the plaintext contents of the data being stored.   CloudApp — Easily upload and share screenshots (or other documents).  Comes with a handy  menubar app that auto-copies a link to the uploaded contents.   Boomerang for Gmail — Read the article >>

Google Glass and the Promise of Augmented Reality

Google Glass Stock Image

The dream of integrating man and machine to create an Augmented Reality has been a feature of hundreds of science fiction books since the beginning of the computer revolution.  By combining digital technology with ‘stereoscopic heads up displays’, projects like Google Glass offer the first opportunity for consumers to experience blur the line between real reality and virtual reality. Here are Read the article >>

The Art of Non-Reaction


Tweet.  Text.  E-Mail. Instant Message. Ring.  Buzz.  Growl.  Chime. By the time you are done reading this post, you’ve likely received multiple requests for your attention.  Perhaps they came in the form of notifications on a shiny new Apple device.  Or maybe they were interruptions from your office environment around you.   If you are not in your office on your Apple device, perhaps Read the article >>

Google Glass App Ideas


Google Glass is the most exciting consumer technology project in years.  It is an opportunity to totally change the way humanity interacts with computing.   Here are some Google Glass app ideas I’ve collated or collected from around the internet: ( Disclaimer: This post is entirely speculation.  The post is a product of my own brainstorming, and is not endorsed by Google. ) Glass’ Killer features The Read the article >>

5 Minutes to a Productive Gmail Inbox


If you’re anything like me, you get a knot in your stomach in the morning when you check your inbox. Emails are imposing.  Sometimes, they come with an expectation of response.  Often, there is a task to be completed before I can give that response.  To add insult to injury, my inbox is a bottomless jumbled mess of action items that are different priorities.  It represents a footrace towards Read the article >>

Information Addiction


A few days ago, I was taking a break from hacking to get some coffee downstairs.  StepOut’s offices are on the 4th floor, so I press the ‘down’ button, enter the elevator, and take out my iPhone.  One tweet, 25 seconds later, and I’m downstairs.  Cross the street.  Light’s red.  Take out phone, scroll more tweets.  There’s a line at Starbucks.  Check Email.  Still waiting in line — Better Read the article >>