What are Google Glasses?

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What are google glasses? Google Project Glass is a product that Google is working on, in the R & D stages.   It can be described as a wearable augmented reality display, designed to allow users to perform computing tasks hands-free.  Instead of using a keyboard and mouse, users would speak commands, which would then be translated from natural langauge commands into commands for the device via Read the article >>

On Identity


The first thing people ask me when they haven’t seen me in a while is “How’s StepOut?”. I find it playfully amusing that, to others, I’m the “Indian online dating guy”. Not because I have any particular special amused sentiment towards India, online dating, or the web itself, just because it’s something I never thought I’d be doing professionally. Work as Self I used to hate pitching the company. Read the article >>

On Equanimity


One of the biggest challenges you’ll faces as a technical co-founder of a social startup is that of equanimity. You sit at the intersection of product and technology. The contrast in approaches in those areas is often under-stated and always under-recognized. In product, as CTO, you’re injected into the thought-stream torrent that results in strategic decision making, yet have little-to-no influence Read the article >>

TOSAmend: Change the Terms of Online Contracts


2 weeks ago, the #occupywallst protestors were been kicked out of zuccotti park in Manhattan. It’s time to move the protest to the web. It’s time to #occupytheweb I am announcing today the relaunch of TOSAmend with Law Professor, Zev Eigen. We’ve ironed out the kinks and now we think TOSAmend will hold up in court – at least for some contracts . What is TOSAmend? TOSAmend is a free & easy Read the article >>

5 Reasons to try a Standing Desk

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You can only be as efficient as the tools around you allow you to be. The most recent change to my workstation is a standing desk. Standing 8+ hours / day is a big change. Aside from some exhaustion the first day, most of the changes have been positive so far. Here are some of the benefits: I’m strength training while I’m at work. You know that feeling when you’re exhausted at the end of the Read the article >>