My Software Engineering Interview Prep Checklist

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I’ve put together a handy checklist for interviewees at software startups.  If you’re job hunting, or may be job hunting soon, feel free to take it for a spin. Interview Prep Checklist: General Knowledge Data Structures Bit Manipulation Brain Teasers Object Oriented Design Recursion and Dynamic Programming Scalability and Memory Limits Sorting and Searching Design Patterns Testing Threads Read the article >>

In-line Logging


From the handy tip department: It’s really nice to have built-in in-line logging for your application. I’m often asked to debug issues in StepOut’s application that would be tough to handle if I was just dropping `echo()` and `die()s` everywhere. In particular, performance issues are a pain to debug without a built-in infrastructure that can spit out performance statistics at any time. Of course Read the article >>