About @owocki

About @owocki

Who Am I ?

Hello internet friend.  I am @owocki, but my real name is Kevin Owocki.  I am a software engineer by profession.  I’ve been experimenting with web projects since 1999, when I ran a web company out of my parents house in Pennsylvania, USA.

kevin_igniteboulderA good friend once told me that “Technology is like a bicycle for the mind”.  It’s true, we can go further, together, through technology.  I am interested in hacking, learning, and writing about it at the intersection of health, technology, design, & lifestyle.  I’ve dabbled in some Python, PHP, Postgres, Objective C, Rails, & Javascript in my day, but am interested in mediums beyond code too; especially photography, audio, and the written word.  Nowadays, I am interested in next generation technologies, especially machine learning, computer vision, VR, AR, & plenoptic photography.

DE to NYC to COOnce upon a time, I worked for StepOut in NYC and moved to Colorado for Simple Energy, but am now at Occipital slinging web & computer vision code in Boulder CO.  I spend gratuitous amounts of time in the local community & hacking on side projects.  My work has been featured in TechCrunch, CNN, Inc Magazine, The New York Times, BoingBoing, WIRED, and TechDigest.
I’m primarily in Boulder, CO but you may find me in NYC or California here & there.  When I’m not building things, I am a runner, skier, cyclist, photographer, podcaster, science fiction fan, and live music fan.

Some pseudorandom facts about me:

  • 5th grade chess champion
  • 4x Marathon Finisher
  • Started my first web-business in 1999
  • Manhattan Ultimate Centurian: 100-game winner
  • Somewhere on my bucket list: Write a book
  • Somewhere else on bucket list: Skydive

What is Owocki.com?

I hope that I can honor those who have enriched my life through learning online by paying it forward.  Here are some of the top posts on this site.  I hope you enjoy them.

Some recurring themes you may see here:

Suicide survivorship.  In the winter of 2014, my little brother David died by his own hand.  Suicide is the number one cause of death for young people in the developed world, and no one is talking about it.  Read more here.

Recruiter spam.  Many 3rd party recruiters employ spray & pray marketing techniques to introduce developers to startups.  It’s a running joke among engineers; but it also dilutes the trust that engineers have in *good* recruiters.  *Bad* recruiters are valueless middlemen & I hope to help eventually put them out of business.  Read more here.

Tools. “If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.” ~Unknown.  I like trying out (and sometimes building) new tools.  It teaches me new ways to frame problems. Read more here.

Startups. Having been through a half dozen web startups, as either a founder, manager, or individual contributor, I’ve seen some things.  Read more here.

Mind-hacking. “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” This quote is often attributed to the Buddha;  I take an analytical approach to understanding my own mind as a means of optimizing my experiences; whether that means optimizing for minimal deathbed regret, mindhacking, or cultivating beginners mind.  Read more here.

Public Speaking. I’ve spoken at Boulder Startup Week, Ignite Boulder, and am a host of StartupCTO.io.  For speaking inquires, please contact me.

Get in Touch

I love building new things. If you’d like to collaborate on something, we should chat.  Let’s grab a green tea or a local IPA. You can send me a note here. The millennial in me also needs to shamelessly plug my twitter, instagram, and github; and point out that you can subscribe to my blog here.  Please gratify me with likes and follows, they are the source of my power.

– @owocki