10 Internet Giants, 10 Years ago

10 Internet Giants, 10 Years ago

I love using tools like the Internet Archive to see what websites looked like years ago. Just for fun, take a trip in internet history with me:

Each of these businesses are top 100 sites in the USA and have “grown up” in the past 10 years. Each screenshot is half “retro” and half “current” (either left/right or top/bottom). Click on a screenshot to see the comparison full-screen.

Apple: 2000 vs. 2011

Yahoo: 2000 vs. 2011

Wikipedia: 2002 vs. 2011

Twitter: 2006 vs. 2011

Paypal: 2000 vs. 2011

Google: 1998 vs. 2011

Facebook: 2004 vs. 2011

Ebay: 2001 vs. 2011

Blogger: 2000 vs. 2011

Youtube: 2005 vs. 2011

Wow, how the internet has changed in the past decade! I wonder what the faces of these businesses will look like in 2020. One thing is for sure: There will be many new additions to the Top 100 Websites in 2020!

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