6 Easy Quantified Self Tools

6 Easy Quantified Self Tools

I’ve written before about how, as Ignighter’s CTO, I log everything I can measure.  This allows me to delve deep and gain insights about how folks are using our fledgling site.

Since discovering a love of data in my professional life, I’ve cultivated a similar affinity for data around my personal habits.  These 6 tools have helped me track financial, fitness, and health trends in my personal life.   Most of them do so with no (or negligible) manual effort.


  • Withings allows you to track your weight over time.
  • Garmin Connect lets you track your runs.
  • WakeMate tracks trends in sleep.
  • RescueTime allows me to see how efficiently I’m spending my digital time.
  • Mint tracks your financial health.
  • Dayta for the iPhone allows you to track everything else.  Manual data entry is needed for this app.

Do you have tools you use to track the trends in your life?  Leave me a comment below.

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