Augmented Reality Crash Course Meetup

Augmented Reality Crash Course Meetup

I’ll be presenting on behalf of Occipital at hackAR meetup on August 30th.

From the meetup page:

  • Come learn how to build a hello world on the Structure Sensor from Occipital, the spatial computing company. Their very own Kevin Owocki will walk us through this! He is a bit of a legend who spins bits for fun & profit but watch out for his megabyte!

    More seriously, Kevin is the founder of Boulder VR Studios, a community organizer in Boulder, and an engineer at Occipital — a full stack spatial computing company.  Occipital is known for their flagship product, the structure sensor — the worlds first 3d sensor to work in realtime with the iPad, and the Bridge Mixed Reality Headset — which seamlessly blends physical & virtual reality.

    One lucky attendee will win a free structure sensor courtesy of Occipital Bridge! (We will draw a name out of a hat…. I need to buy a hat now…)

    We will also have lightening talks by a handful of local AR/MR/VR designers and developers!

    A big thanks to Galvanize for hosting us! Sign up fast because there are only 32 seats.

    All proceeds (after Yelp takes their fee) will go to Doctors Without Borders two weeks after the event. A receipt of the donation will be posted on the Meetup group along with a link to a Medium article about the event.

    Excited to see you all there,



More details here.

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