Be a digital boyscout: What my laptop backpack looks like

Be a digital boyscout: What my laptop backpack looks like

One of the biggest distinctions between my previous corporate job and my role in a startup has been the lack of support and gear immediately available to me in the later. To compensate, I must be carry a hefty laptop backpack with lots of goodies. I carry around a good deal of gear with me in my travel bag.

Here”s my gear list:

    • Macbook Pro


  • DVI & VGA Adapters (for presentations)



  • Extra MagSafe Adapter & Extension Cord/Plug Multiplier



  • 4 GB USB Drive



  • iPhone with Tethering Capability (and extra charger) (It”s fantastic to have internet wherever you go!)





  • Extra pens, sticky notes, business cards, promotional stickers.



  • A digital voice recorder, which is really nice for taking notes on (with permission) lectures and meetings.



I”ve found that the extra gear that I just happen to have with me has saved my tail, or my partners” tails, several times. I guess the old Boy Scouts Motto, Be Prepared, really applies when traveling/pitching/presenting in the world of entrepreneurship. I like to think of that laptop bag as my digital swiss army knife or my digital utility belt, and my attitude towards traveling as ”Be a digital boy scout. Be prepared”.

What does your travel bag look like ? What gear have you found handy to have around in a pinch?

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