Epicenter Podcast

Epicenter Podcast

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From the epicenter website:

Gitcoin is a platform which funds software developers for work in open source ecosystems. Open source creates value without capturing it: Gitcoin creates funding mechanism to correct the asymmetry between value created and value captured. So far they have raised $51million, which were then distributed to public goods projects.

We were joined, for the second time, by Gitcoin’s founder Kevin Owocki. Hear as we chat about quadratic and public good funding, the Internet of Jobs, and Kevin’s book, Greenpilled – Regenerative CryptoEcononmics, which is out soon!

Topics discussed in the episode
An update on what’s happened since Kevin was last on the show
High level funding stats and measuring the success of Gitcoin
Quadratic funding – why and how?
Public good funding
Impact DAOs and Regenerative CryptoEconomics
Gitcoin’s transformation to a DAO
The Internet of Jobs (IoJ) – advantages and disadvantages
Greenpilled – Regenerative CryptoEconomics – Kevin’s book

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