Why is facebook running so slow? – FIXED

Why is facebook running so slow? – FIXED

Is facebook running slow for you? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  facebook running slow remains a top search term on trends analytics tools like google trends:

facebook is slow -- google trends
facebook running slow — google trends analysis

frustrated computer userThe good news is — You are not alone and there are plenty of fixes available for you.

The issue could be

  1. Slow computer (try your facebook account from another computer)
  2. Malware on your computer (run a malware scanner on your computer)
  3. Slow internet (check other websites load time or speedtest.net)
  4. Your internet browser (download another browser, clear your browser cache and cookies, or try disabling extensions, try closing some tabs)
  5. Your facebook account has too many apps or installations.
  6. Facebook might be down right now.  Check here.

For more in-depth troubleshooting exercises, check out this post that lists fixes for facebook running slow and load time issues: FIXED – faceboook running slow.

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