Google Glass App Mockups

Google Glass App Mockups

I think the Google Glass project is so exciting.  For the uninitiated, Glass is a wearable computer, a pair of eyeglasses.  Think of it like a smartphone, on your face.

How cool would it be to have a ‘wearable computer’?  Think of all the things you could do: You could record every moment of your day.  You could be presented contextual information about everyone around you.  You could play a game – be it a shooting, rpg, adventure, or trivia, game about anything and everything around you!   Basically, your device could interpret the world around you, for you, and add contextual information to whatever you are doing.  The possibilities are huge!

Check out the following mockups of different potential augmented reality Google Glass apps:




Google Maps

Do you have a google glass app idea?  Post a comment below. Or check out my post on Google Glass App Ideas.  For more on on the google glass project, check out their google plus page.



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