pytrader: cryptocurrency trading robot

pytrader: cryptocurrency trading robot

I’ve been working on a side project called pytrader for the last several months.   pytrader is a cryptocurrency trading robot programmed to work on the poloniex cryptocurrency trading platform.  This was a good means of getting some experience with machine learning, quantitative finance, and of course hopefully making some profit.

Turns out, I built a system that is able to predict price movements with some degree of accuracy that beats a random number generator, I was never able to generate a robot that traded profitably after fees. Especially after poloniex changed their fee structure

My test portfolio was initialized with a 1 BTC deposit, and after 2 months and 23,413 trades, exited with 0.955 BTC. The system paid 2.486 BTC in fees to poloniex.

Check it out on github here.


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