Recommended Tool: RescueTime Time Management Software

Recommended Tool: RescueTime Time Management Software

I love tools that help me be more productive or more self aware (especially where Time Management is concerned).

What it is. (from

Personal time management software. Get the focus you need to get things done!

Features. (also from

– Automagical app & site tracking (with no data entry!)
– Beautiful time & attention reports for managers only
– goals, alerts, and blocking

I discovered them a few months back. It”s been a fantastic way to introduce a feedback loop into my work that allows me to see where I”m wasting time, when I”m most productive, and when I”m somewhere in between. For example, I”ve learned I have a bad habit of checking facebook, email, and twitter throughout the day. Using their blocking feature, I am able to block those services whilst in delivery mode.

Their interface is smooth. Their widget works fine. I”m pretty happy with their service..

Some data pron, to follow:

Check them out at

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