Side Project: Photo Workflow Tools

Side Project: Photo Workflow Tools

I started a side project to automate paro automate (or gracefully degrade into just being more efficient) my photography batch post-processing process.

One of the first elements of my photography workflow is to select which photos are worth post-process. To do so, I need to select which of my set of photos to promote to a ‘best’ subset. This is what it looked like before:

This is what it looks like after:

Much cleaner, huh? I’ve gone from several keystrokes and a mouse click-and-drag to a simple button press. Better yet, keyboard shortcuts from the keys ‘y’ and ‘n’ map to the buttons.

In the future, I hope to also build open source tools for cropping, editing, marking up, water-marking, and sharing my photos.  If you’re interested in open source software that can do these things, check out the project on github.  If you just want to check out some photos, check out my portfolio.


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