adblock-to-bitcoin: $2.01 CPMs via micropayments

adblock-to-bitcoin: $2.01 CPMs via micropayments

On Wednesday, adblock-to-bitcoin was introduced to the world as the first purely open source, soup-to-nuts, solution for publishers to accepting micropayments.  The project was covered in Wired, the Daily Decrypt, and generated plenty of comments on Hacker News.

The average CPM of a mobile, desktop, display, or text campaign can run from $0.50 to $10 depending upon niche and publisher.

Since the launch of adblock-to-bitcoin, the github page for the project received 8,491 pageviews and 7 donations totalling $17.05, and netting out a CPM of $2.01. Not bad!

I am looking to prove out the unit economics of this project at scale.  If you are associated with a publisher that would be interested in running a campaign with adblock-to-bitcoin, please click here.


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