adblock-to-bitcoin: Publishers Wanted

adblock-to-bitcoin: Publishers Wanted

UPDATE 1/11/2016: Check out ad block to bitcoin’s wordpress plugin and chrome extension.

Dear Publisher,

Yesterday, adblock-to-bitcoin was introduced to the world as the first purely open source, soup-to-nuts, solution for publishers to accepting micropayments.  The project was covered in Wired, the Daily Decrypt, and generated plenty of comments on Hacker News.

Not bad for a project that started when the first code was written at 4am that morning.

We are in a macro environment in which publishers are openly wondering where their revenues are going to come from in 20 years.  On a micro scale, there has been a lot of ink (and bits) spilled about the resounding need for change in the ad and publishing space *today*.  Some analysis’ have shown that 9.26% of impressions were found to be ad-blocked, with some sites reaching as high as 50%  While there is innovation happening in online payments, no one has yet connected the dots in a meaningful way.

By and far the biggest unanswered question from yesterdays (air quotes) launch (end air quotes) was:  Can this tool help the unit economics of publishers as they transition into an adblocked world?

I do not know the answer, but I am going to find out.

If you are a publisher who is interested in taking a empirical approach to answering this question, I’d like to hear from you.  As the first engineering contributor to adblock-to-bitcoin, I am interested in partnering with 2 publishers to perform multivariate design, copy, payment channel, and pricing testing.  Together, we will gather data that proves that micro-payments are a worthwhile endeavor for modern publishers.  I bring the data science and the open source software, you bring the eyeballs, the brand, and the content.

If you are interested in working together to accelerate a publishing world in transition, click here to get in touch, or submit the form embedded below.

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