Baidu is slow? Try these tips to increase Baidu Speed

Baidu is slow? Try these tips to increase Baidu Speed

Baidu is very much a fundamental modern day part of the web for many parts of the world.  Unfortunately, sometimes Baidu is very slow to use. If you check Google Trends, “Baidu is slow” is, in some parts of the world, a top search on many major search engines.  

Here area a few easy tips to resolve issues when Baidu is slow:

  1. Make sure your broadband (or dial up) internet connection is fast enough to handle Baidu’s website. If you should see ping times higher than 100ms or if you get get less than a MBPS up or down, you could have problems.
  2. You should consider switching to a recent web browser .  I like Firefox or Google Chrome — they are fast, modern browsers, and they auto update!.
  3. In your web browsers settings, delete your cookies, delete your temporary internet files, and if you have any plugins, disable your browser plugins.  There are a few different ways to accomplish this for various internet browsers, so you may need to perform an web search to find instructions on how to do this for your browser.
  4. If each of the above has failed, maybe try loading Baidu on another device. Baidu is popular on mobile browsers, try loading it on your mobile phone! Is it slow there too?? Try loading the site on LTE instead of wifi.. If that helps, I want to hear about it.

If you’re experiencing Baidu Very Slow Load Times, or if you’ve got any great tips for increasing Baidu speed, leave me a message on Twitter.


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