Colorado Coin (COLO) – A Corporeal CryptoCoin

Colorado Coin (COLO) – A Corporeal CryptoCoin

I built a thing this weekend.  Its an experimental ERC20 token for organizating local communities. Dogfooded at Boulder Blockchain

How it works.

ColoradoCoins can be physically created by

  1. printing the above image.
  2. mint()ing some coins (see below) and placing them into a YouveGotETH QR Code.
  3. physically affixing the ColoradoCoin image to the sticker printed in #1.

The QR Code that represents the private key (and a small amount of ETH for transfering them) via a YouveGotETHlink.

Here’s what they look like:

I’m aware the build quality needs improvement. This is a v0. (If you know anyone who could up the build quality, please contact me on twitter).

Anywho, here’s what the ‘receive’ interface looks like:

Deployed Addresses

Token Distribution

Right now, there are 100 tokens on the mainnet.

The tokens distribution as follows is:

  • 90 tokens: HODL’d by @owocki, planning to distribute at community events.
  • 10 tokens: distributed to community on 9/6 Boulder Blockchain.

Process for minting new tokens

As tokens are minted, the github readme will be updated. If you’re not the trusting type (and hey, you shouldn’t be since we’re in a trustless ecosystem), check the deployed contracts above for “mint” events or “mint” transactions.

Legal Stuff

These tokens are just given out for fun. They are never sold for money, fiat or otherwise. They have no exchange value, and the creators are not liable for their use or exchange. For more information, see the liscense.txt file in this

Learn More

To learn more, head on over to the github repo at

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