Turn Friends into Token Advocates w. ERC20 Giveaways

Turn Friends into Token Advocates w. ERC20 Giveaways

Today, I am proud to show off some new functionality to Youve Got ETH (YGE).  YGE is the easiest way to send ETH to anyone with an email address.

YGE now

  • supports all ERC20 tokens.
  • generates QR codes for easy mobile sharing.
  • can batch process it’s transfers.

Combining all of the above, I thought it’d be cool to show off what could be done to promote a hypothetical ERC20 token.

The idea of giving away tokens in order to turn people into your advocates is a really powerful one. There is a strong tribalism in cryptocurrency, the easiest way to flip people into your camp is to give them your token.

Giving away a sticker with a QR code on it at a conference is arguably the easiest way to giveaway an Ethereum token:

Youve Got ETH is the easiest way to do this.

Check out the below video to see how :

Or give it a try at https://youvegoteth.github.io/index.html?batch=1


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