Google Glass App Ideas

Google Glass App Ideas

Google Glass is the most exciting consumer technology project in years.  It is an opportunity to totally change the way humanity interacts with computing.   Here are some Google Glass app ideas I’ve collated or collected from around the internet:

( Disclaimer: This post is entirely speculation.  The post is a product of my own brainstorming, and is not endorsed by Google. )

Glass’ Killer features

The coolest thing about glass is it’s ability to process visual information of the world around you.  Here are 3 killer features that could be built into the OS.

  1. Facial Recognition
  2. Barcode Recognition
  3. QR code Recognition

The Obvious App Ideas

Here are some apps that already exist on smartphone platforms.

  1. Maps
  2. Camera
  3. Video streaming and recording
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Facebook

Social/Business App Ideas

  1. [Using Facebook API] At a cocktail party, see who is single.  Easily view conversation starters.
  2. [Using Facebook API] Instantly view the hobbies of friends.
  3. [Using Twitter API] Instantly view the tweets of friends.
  4. [Using FourSquare API] View avatars of your friends on the horizon, letting you know where they are.
  5. [Using LinkedIn API] View the resume and other credential information of an interviewees.
  6. Virtual companions.
  7. Hologram chatting (think in Star wars when R2D2 projects a leia hologram)
  8. [Using Facebook/Paypal API] Instantly send your friend money for lunch/drinks/whatever.

Travel Glass App Ideas

  1. Instant Language Translation.
  2. During use of highways/public transport see warnings about traffic and/or other delays.
  3. [Using Wikipedia API] At a musuem, instantly view historical metadata about an exhibit.
  4. [Using Wikipedia API] At a tourism location, instantly view historical information about your location.

Shopping Glass App Ideas

  1. Instant Barcode Price Comparison
  2. Instant Book Reviews or Book Commentary
  3. View a store’s map.  For example, in Barnes & Noble, you could view a map of the sections.
  4. While exploring a city, a user may be ‘pushed’ coupons for stores they’ve opted into.

Education Glass App Ideas

  1. Instant Speech-to-text note taking from conversations or lectures
  2. Recording / Collating Lectures.
  3. View heatmaps of where your eyes look thoughout the day.

Athletics Glass App Ideas

  1. While exercising, view heartrate/blood sugar levels.  Especially useful during running, biking, or swimming.
  2. During a golf game, receive feedback on your swing.
  3. During professional sports (i.e. football,baseball) , view/play back a particular player’s view of the game.

Gaming Glass App Ideas

  1. Virtual Tag-spotting.
  2. Virtual Scavenger Hunts.
  3. Virtual Pets.
  4. Add a First Person Shooter layer over users current location.
  5. Add an RPG layer over users current location.

Dining Glass App Ideas

  1. While ordering a meal, instantly view nutrition information.
  2. [Using Yelp API] At a restaurant, see reviews for individual menu items
  3. While walking by a restaurant, view sanitary ratings.

Lifestyle Glass App Ideas

  1. An Ad blocker which will block out real-world ads.
  2. Sunglasses – An app which tints the lenses of Glass as the luminosity of the world around you changes.
  3. Voice-interactive NPC chatbots.

You may also be interested in this Quora thread on Google Glass App Ideas or some Google Glass App Mockups I’ve put together.  Do you have an idea for a Google Glass App?  Post it in the comments section below.

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