I love Live Music

I love Live Music

Well, it’s been a long few weeks. With Techstars Investor Day behind us, and all of the scaling work that went along with it, behind us too, I’ve finally freed up a weekend to head back to NY, and see some live music. Specifically, I’m going, with a group of college friends, to moe. down 9 . For those who don’t know, moe. down is a 3-day music & arts festival, hosted by the jamband, moe. .

It’s always tough explaining what it is about the jamband scene that makes it so special. There’s just an ambience about the community:

The Music – Let’s start with the obvious. Jam music, when played live, is unlike anything else. Each performance is unique. Each takes a ton of energy from the performers. Since it’s live, the band and the crowd feed on each other. For me, this truly makes the experience more personal.

The Crowd – Without a doubt, you’ll meet some of the most interesting people in the crowd of a moe., Umphreys McGee, or Lotus show. From ex-military folk, to straight-hippies, to college kids. Jam fans come from all over. What connects everyone is the music we’re listening to, and an unique understanding, that for one weekend, it’s time to drop all real-world cultural conditioning, relax, and be yourself.

The Campgrounds – At moe. down, people don’t sleep. Some fans are up all night. There’s food, games, and music in the parking lot. Some of the best times I’ve had are in the campground scene.

It’s always serendipitous when my group of music-goer friends overlaps with my technology-centric friends. If you’ll be at moe.down 9 too, should me a holler on twitter at @ksowocki.

Here is one of my favorite moe. shows, from way back in 2005:

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