Of Moe. & Music

Of Moe. & Music

It’s not often that I get an entire weekend to myself these days. Thats why my time at moe. down 9 was so special this year.

Seeing good live music has always been a near-spiritual experience for me. Moe.down was a chance to get outdoors, breathe some fresh air, take time off from work (albeit small), and listen to some great live music. Live music taught me to dance. And I don’t mean dancing like the dancing you do at weddings or bars. Dancing in a 100-something crowd with some good live music taught me to really really dance. It’s one of the first things in life that really grounded me mentally, as an adult, it just helps me just ‘enjoy the moment’.

It’s too bad that Moe. is now on hiatus. I guess there’s always other bands out there. Maybe they’ll get back together someday.

Until then, there’s always pandora.

Here’s a clip of Moe. from this past weekend at moe. down 9, playing ‘Bright Side’:


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