Techstars Investor Day : Morning Wrap Up

Techstars Investor Day : Morning Wrap Up

Today is Techstars demo & Investor day. Ten of the companies from the 2008 Techstars class are presenting their work for the summer to an audience of 150 investors in the Boulder, CO area.

Here is my wrap up of the teams that presented in the morning.

Gyminee demoed their fitness-centered social network. Their system provides fitness motivation and accountability through the social network. Check them out at

Next up, my team, Ignighter demoed our product, is Group-to-Group dating. We create tools allowing groups of young people in metropolitian areas to meet other groups of interesting young people. Check us out, at

Susan Mernit and Lisa Williams are demoing their application, WhozAround, takes the ease of on-the-fly use of twitter, and the scheduling capacity of iCal, and makes it easy to schedule meetups with your friends and network. Check out the WhozAround Facebook Application.

Devver was the 4th to present. Devver makes tools for ruby hackers to increase productivity. They take developer tools that normally run in a span of several minutes, and run them in a matter of seconds. Their tools give developers 75% of their testing time back. That can translate to up to $30K savings for a team of 4 every year. Check them out at

Samantha Murphy rounded out the morning, with her presentation of The Highway Girl. The Highway Girl is a traveling video podcast, featuring guests in the Music, and Technology professions. Check them out at The Highway Girl.

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