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One of the most amazing about startup life is how fantastically high the highs are, how quickly they can turn to dreadful pitiful lows and back again. Your professional life is quite literally one big question mark when you are building it from scratch. The instant you crack some really tough problem you’re a genius. The moment the shit hits the fan, you’re the worlds biggest moron. The stakes are huge and you have everything to gain (or lose). Startup Life is a roller coaster for the ego.

It’s nice to remember that you’re not alone. Especially in a city as impersonal as New York. Every week, new web services are launching here. They face huge challenges, just like you and me. Coworking spaces and startup accelerators are launching in New York City. The community is growing. 2010 is a fantastic time to be in NYC tech.

It also helps to remember that overnight success is preceded by years of trying really really hard. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t, but most of the time you need to really earn your overnight success. If you’re like me and you haven’t yet, I think Jerry Garcia said it best when he said, “Keep on truckin'”.

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