Privacy: People tell Google their deepest darkest secrets?

Privacy: People tell Google their deepest darkest secrets?

I”m endlessly fascinated with how much people trust Google and other web services with their personal information.

Given that the vast majority of google users don”t opt-out of the recording of their web history, and that the Justice department in the USA has subpoenaed millions of search results from Americans, I find the following Google search autocomplete endlessly fascinating.

How to get away with anything. Hint: Don't tell google.

In each of these queries, the bare intention of the typer is so obvious to a 3rd-party reader.

It”s ironic that, by even typing the above queries into the search box, these users put themselves at risk of being caught (read: the exact opposite of getting away with their various indiscretions/vices). Whether search history is made available to a snooping spouse via a guessed password, or it is made available via subpoena from a federal, state, or local government, that information is in most cases available. It”s alarming how few people know their actions on the web are, in fact, actually trace-able back to them.

Think before you type.

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