5 Essential Tools for a New Startup CTO

5 Essential Tools for a New Startup CTO

Sometimes I get asked what tools I”d recommend to new lead developers. Many times, these developers are coming from mid-to-large size enterprise companies, where tools are proprietary and aimed towards the enterprise. The toolset for the open web is much different than the ones available in larger companies.

Here we go:

1. Version control, and the tools to make sense of it.

I can”t emphasize how important good version control is. We use subversion, although git is popular too.

Versions is a great tool to navigate your codebase through time, across files, or between revisions.

2. Infrastructure Monitoring

As newly minted CTO, you”re serving a lot of roles. Programmer, database admin, sometimes design, and system administrator. As system admin, your #1 priority is to keep your site online. I recommend munin if you”re just starting out, nagios if you”re a little more advanced. Both are free, and can notify you via email or TXT if something becomes wonky with your server.

3. A good web host

4. A good IDE

Since the success or failure of your newly minted startup will likely depend in some part on the speed you can get iterations out the door, you”re going to be doing a lot of coding. Since you”re going to be doing a lot of coding, you”ll likely spend a lot of time in an IDE. Because a good IDE can save you a lot of time, it”s probably worthwhile to do some analysis on the different products out there. We used to use Adobe Dreamweaver, but have since moved over to Coda.

5. Requirements management software.

Good requirements management software can save you a lot of time and help you work out the kinks in the communication process between the business unit and development unit in your company. I recommend pivotal tracker because it”s free and has only a small learning curve.

Bonus: Photo editing software


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