List of Twitter Acronyms

List of Twitter Acronyms

Methinks its about time someone began keeping a list of all the twitter acronyms floating around. For simplicitys sake, I’ve neglected to track any acronyms that began on AIM, IRC, or other earlier internet services (ie: LOL, WTF, etc)

  • FTW
  • – For the Win. Origin: unknown

  • FTL
  • – Opposite of FTW. For the Loss. Origin: unknown

  • – Verb. To FAVRD a tweet, is to vote for it to appear on the internet site textism. Ex: ‘I favrd your last tweet’ Origin: unknown

  • FAIL
  • – Not an acronym. Used to describe a service or product that is not working. ex: ‘USAir FAIL!’, ‘Apple FAIL!Origin: unknown

  • pwn
  • – Used as a verb, meaning ‘own’. ex: I ‘pwned’ you. Origin: Arose as a common typo of the word ‘own’.

  • interwebs
  • – Refers to the internet. Origin: unknown

  • series of tubes – Refers to the internet. Origin: former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, who famously refered to the internet as a ‘series of tubes’ when criticizing an amendment to a bill on internet regulation
  • RT
  • – Retweet. Used when re-broadcasting a tweet. ex:”RT @username tweet text” Origin: unknown

  • OH
  • – Overhead. Used when tweeting something that was overhead in conversation ex:”OH text text” Origin: unknown

What should I add to the list? Leave your comments below.

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