5 Twsins that will get you an unfollow on Twitter.

5 Twsins that will get you an unfollow on Twitter.

1. Thou shalt not tweet several times per minute. Goes without saying. It’s just annoying. Spread them out. Use tweetlater. Whatever you need to do so you don’t hijack half my feed.


2. Thou shalt not frequently tweet mundane information. Classic examples include “Eating dinner”, and “Driving to the dentist”. Do your followers a favor and don’t tweet it unless you have something more interesting to say about what you’re doing. If you must tweet about ‘being at the dentist’s office, come up with something quippy or though provoking, like “Just got a tooth out, I wonder what my dentist does with all these extra teeth he’s got?!”

3. Thou shalt not commonly tweet inappropriate or political tweets. Classic examples include fart jokes, excessive coverage of Israel / Gaza conflict, or your views on the election.

4. Thou shalt not just tweet your own products. No matter who you are, too much self promotion = Twitter FAIL.

5. Thou shalt not live out your dream as a television sportscaster in my twfeed. “Broncos Touchdown!”, “Donovan McNav is the man!”, “Eli Manning just threw the most beautiful pass!”. Hey @jockitch, you just earned yourself an unfollow!

What twitter rules do you have in place for your feed? Why do you unfollow users?

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