Twitter IS Human-Powered Search

Twitter IS Human-Powered Search

While Google is my go-to for almost everything search, there are some situations when keyworded-search just doesn’t do. Google’s Pagerank algorithm may find answers that are most relevant to the entire web, but sometimes I want to know what people in my field, in my area, or from my past, are using. Those people know my tastes, or at least seem to have similar tastes to me. In short, I want to know what my network thinks of that query.

I’ve had some fun results using twitter to find recommended applications. In my experience, tweeps respond to queries only if they are specific and easily relateable. (see screenshots below)

Pandora vs. Last.FM. In this case, Last.FM won.


Do people recommend delicious? The answer is a resounding YES.


This one was just for fun. Turns out, many people who use Twitter have dual-monitors.


Twitter is great for web nerd questions. Below, JQuery vs. MooTools. Turns out it was JQuery 2 to 1.


4/4 of the people who responded this twitpoll respond to, welll… twitpolls. Go Figure. Must be some sort of implicit bias. 🙂


Have YOU had any luck finding interesting new applications, new hobbies, new workflows, or new people on twitter?

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